Welcome to the official launch day here at Pinstripe Strollers!  We are so very excited to publish www.pinstrollers.com which as been a work in progress for many many months! What is Pinstripe Strollers you ask? Well let’s start at the beginning! Pinstripe Strollers was born shortly after I had my 2nd child almost 5 years ago when I realized that I was in a new city with 2 children, a husband and a career BUT no friends with kids. In addition to this, I realized that Charlotte virtually had zero activities that accommodated the “traditional” working mom hours!  I was already apart of a few groups on www.meetup.com so it was in that  moment I took a great leap of faith and started my own group which quickly grew to over 100 members!

In the short time Pinstripe Strollers was on Meetup.com, we not only had events such as book clubs, Zoo outings, several MNI and MNO’s, Holiday parties and  other fun events but the group was able to foster friendships between moms and the kids!

Pinstripe Strollers then moved to a private Facebook group where we were able to do the same activities but it also allowed us to have a open dialogue about all things MOM! Well here we are today, taking it a step further with the launch of www.pinstripestrollers.com!  A resource for mothers all over where we will feature quick recipes for the  busy working mom, reviews on local kid friendly events and establishments, educational resources for the kids, free printable’s and downloads, and reflective post such as establishing work/life/home balance!

So grab a latte, glass of vino or sweet tea and take a look around! We welcome ideas,  feedback and comments! You can contact us directly at hello@pinstripestrollers.com