collage ex



I have 4 kids, ages 14, 10 4 and 1



I’ve been a member from the the very beginning and met the organizer through my very own group that I run on called Sista Girl Saturdays. I really enjoy the interaction with children and adults with like minds.




I wanted to be a lawyer and no I am not doing it.  I run a group called Sista Girl Saturdays and Lil Sistas and I recently started The Princess Hair Bar and Spa  and I own a property management company, Strong Realty

juggling question



Wine, in my office with music playing through my headphones, When everyone sleep kick my feet up and turn the tv on although I am not watching it.




Eye of the tiger –   kate perry



Rice, Vegetarian Baked Beans, and Hot dogs


anywhere in the world



Belize. Sit on the beach and drink and eat and mingle. Whatever I feel like



In the hottest club for free with free drinks and late night breakfast after. I was single. Now my Friday nights are down nights, family does whatever, play games, relax, movie, etc and after they are sleep I clean the entire house…well make an attempt with my wine.

kid establishement


Dave and Busters


quick picks



wine or coffee





Crock Pot

mounttains or beach





Elliptical Machine

Green smoothie or


Banana Split

criminal minds


Criminal Minds