Fall into Phit: Wellness and Joy Challenge

If you’ve been apart of Pinstripe Strollers then you know the premise of our group. If you are new to this page then I welcome you all!

Pinstripe Strollers was established about 6 years ago as a means to cater to working moms in the Charlotte area. Since then we have expanded our reach to ALL working moms. Since the inception, we’ve had bookclubs, playdates,  and field trips with our children. We’ve discussed anything from race relations to breastfeeding in our private facebook group; a group that has been a amazing outlet to issues involving US.

What I realized over the past few years due to personal experience and conversations with these lovely ladies, is that OUR roles have changed. Working moms in particular are tired, stressed, oftentimes depressed. Words we are too embarrassed to discuss with our peers, friends, within Pinstripe Strollers. We now have to take on the roles as entrepreneur, employee, employer, chef, wife, mother, teacher. Sometimes all those roles rolled in one.

We’re constantly defining ourselves….do I belong in corporate America? Should put my talents into my own business? What about my children? How will I support my family?

It occurerd to me that this is not only a conversation that I have in my own mind daily, rather a conversation entering YOUR minds as well. WE just don’t talk about it….we don’t dissect the problem. We don’t allow US to come first, embrace happiness, joy and wellness.

I know for a fact these issues plague so many of us. More than most; although there are those of us who have masted the juggling act. This challenge is for both groups. We can NOT be our best employer, employee, mother, wife, entrepreneur, chef, teacher unless we put OURSELVES FIRST! Period!

The Fall into Phit Wellness and Joy Challenge is meant to raise awareness to the mothers who are tired, who are depressed, who feel hopeless. It’s also meant for those who have words of wisdom to share with your peers. I’m begging you NOW to stop the cycle, put yourself first, take care of your bodies, take care of your mind, nourish your spirit. WE deserve it, WE need it, LETS embrace US.

Pinstripe Strollers has been extremely blessed to have so many women offer words of encouragement through the years, but one lovely lady in particular has gone above and beyond to collaborate in this challenge and if you haven’t read her testimony, (OUR TESTIMONY) then you are missing out! Dr. Lisa Folden has agreed to partner with Pinstripe Strollers to be the CHANGE for women, mothers, working moms. Together, we have put together a weekly challenge; small challenges that we hope will increase wellness while  turning up that Joy dial!

If you follow us on Instagram, Lisa has also provided DAILY challenges that you can incorporate in your routines.

I encourage YOU to share in this journey, participate in this journey, embrace the journey of change. I challenge YOU to join us on October 1st to get PHIT, and reclaim our WELLNESS and bask in our JOY as a women, as a mother, as a wife, as employee and business owner.

Ready to join us on October 1st? Fill out the form below to become apart of the Phit, Wellness and Joy challenge!