This week’s challenge involves a PRIZE so I want us all to participate and share with your fellow mommy friends and family!

 This week will focus on MOVING!

Each week will build on the prior so let’s not forget about our water intake! While we are quenching our thirst, lets focus on getting in our steps! This can take place in the form of your favorite exercise, jogging, zumba, or a 25 minute walk around the block.

The purpose is to get ACTIVE. The goal is to get in 10K steps a day! Dr. Lisa Folden has some AMAZING workouts on her blog as well so head over and check them out ūüėČ

Just like the water challenge…this isn’t a race against one another- the purpose is to challenge YOURSELF to do something¬†DIFFERENT which will result in CHANGE!

These small weekly and daily challenges will result in huge changes in your physical and mental being and will allow us to be the best WE can be. Most importantly to ourselves, but to those we love.

So join in this week as we quench our thirst and walk away the stress!

I own a fitbit which I use to track my steps but there are several apps that you can use to do this as well including your phone! Feel free to add me as at contact  (m_deboise22@yahoo.com)

Will you continue on this journey with Dr. Lisa Folden and I as we FALL INTO PHIT???

If so , post your progress on instagram using the hashtags #fallintofit for your chance to win a prize! Winner will be chosen at random this Saturday!