This week’s challenge involves a PRIZE so I want us all to participate and share with your fellow mommy friends and family!

 This week will focus on MOVING!

Each week will build on the prior so let’s not forget about our water intake! While we are quenching our thirst, lets focus on getting in our steps! This can take place in the form of your favorite exercise, jogging, zumba, or a 25 minute walk around the block.

The purpose is to get ACTIVE. The goal is to get in 10K steps a day! Dr. Lisa Folden has some AMAZING workouts on her blog as well so head over and check them out 😉

Just like the water challenge…this isn’t a race against one another- the purpose is to challenge YOURSELF to do something DIFFERENT which will result in CHANGE!

These small weekly and daily challenges will result in huge changes in your physical and mental being and will allow us to be the best WE can be. Most importantly to ourselves, but to those we love.

So join in this week as we quench our thirst and walk away the stress!

I own a fitbit which I use to track my steps but there are several apps that you can use to do this as well including your phone! Feel free to add me as at contact  (m_deboise22@yahoo.com)

Will you continue on this journey with Dr. Lisa Folden and I as we FALL INTO PHIT???

If so , post your progress on instagram using the hashtags #fallintofit for your chance to win a prize! Winner will be chosen at random this Saturday!

Nedra Headshot 2015

dont lose

A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my first child, an acquaintance told me “use Pinterest as much as you can now because you won’t be able to do it when you have kids.” I was intrigued by the notion that I would have to give up on my personal interest to be a mother. Needless to say, her statements motivated me to make self care a priority when I became a mother.

When flying and preparing for a flight, the flight attendant instructs us to put our mask on first before helping someone else. Why…because you will die in the process of saving someone else. Self care is the first thing to go when you become a mom and with each kid, it is easy to lose more of yourself. Women have a belief that it is their job to be the “martyr” in the home. Often not asking for help or not allowing help when help is available. Taking on the role of martyr will leave you exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and resentful. When we are unable to manage all the moving pieces (work, family, social, me time) we become disappointed with ourselves. Handling things yourself is not the natural order of things. It does not make us better women to take the charge of doing everything without help from others.

Get rid of the idea that you can manage it all. In my counseling practice, I help moms who are depressed and anxious due to their perceived inability to manage multiple duties often while working full time. These women like many of us are taught to be selfless and doing anything other than being selfless makes us feel as if we are not doing something that women are capable of doing. If being able to do everything was possible, we would not be talking about identity and self care. What I try to offer moms is hope about being able to manage multiple duties while maintaining their self identify. I routinely recommend the following:


Help can be offered through family, friends or hired help. Setup a babysitting co-op with other couples so you can enjoy a night out with friends, alone or with your spouse. You may want to consider hiring a housekeeper or mommy’s helper, subscribe to a food service like Blue Apron or order your groceries online and pick them up via the drive thru lane. Be open to all options that could lighter your load.


We all have a particular way that we like things to be done, but sometimes letting go of our expectations will make way for others to help us. Support, don’t criticize, your spouse’s efforts to assist in the home. By criticizing you will minimize your spouse’s willingness to participate. Invite family members over to care for the children and don’t hover while they are providing care. Take this time to relax away from your children.


Stay in shape by finding a gym with childcare. Browse books at your public library while sitting with your kids in the play area. Include a few kid and adult activities when you plan a family vacation. Have your friends and their kids join you at the park for a day of fun. 



Make NO your favorite word. Turn down invites. Do not feel obligated to take your kid to every party they are invited to. Only do things that bring a smile to your face when you think about doing them. If you are lukewarm about engaging in an activity, just say no. Set perimeters around when you are available to talk to people. A perimeter might be not answering your phone on weekends, setting a Do Not Disturb on your phone after a certain time or not using your phone during dinner with family.

Our kids are our greatest teachers. They naturally think about themselves first. We have learned how to make ourselves less of a priority because of our beliefs around being mothers and women. We can maintain our identity by making a decision to put ourselves first again and not making excuses for not doing so. The mother that told me I would no longer have time for Pinterest was wrong, I still use Pinterest and maybe more often since I’m always looking for ideas on how to do things more efficiently. If you are overwhelmed, find a counselor, level headed friend or family member to help you process and to direct you toward making yourself a priority again.


Nedra Glover Tawwab, MSW, LCSW  is the creator of Kaleidoscope Counseling 





Did you know that when your body is functioning at its best you will not only feel great but you’ll also feel HAPPY and JOYful!

Increasing our water intake is the focus for this week’s Fall into Phit challenge and below are just a few benefits of drinking water:

  • Boosts Immune System- How can we be the best US if we’re sick?
  • Maintains Regularity
  • Improves Skin Complexation
  • Increases Energy and Relieves Fatigue
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Tones your muscles
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Flushes out Toxins
  • Natural headache remedy
  • Prevents cramps and sprains

Please be sure to check out Pinstripe Strollers and Dr. Lisa Folden us on Instagram and Facebook for  a chance to participate in daily and weekly challenges. Share your participation with us for a chance to win prizes using the hashtags #fallintophit #phitmom and #phitchick.


A few days ago, I was sitting alone at the dinner  table, preparing to eat my dinner. It was barbecue  meatballs and mixed vegetables. My children and  husband had already had their meals so I was  fully ready to enjoy mine alone.

All of a sudden, I felt a great sensation fall over  my entire being. I’m still not sure if it was  sadness, anger, anxiety, depression or a  combination of them all. I instantly stood up from  the table, walked out onto the back patio, sat  down on the couch and began crying. It was a  very scary, yet eye-opening experience for me. I  mean, of course, I cry…we all do, right? But I had  never done this…stopped in the middle of my  meal and cried, aloud, outside, in plain view for  my three children, husband and even neighbors  to see. For the first…or maybe second time in my  life, I felt hopeless and useless.

Now, let’s rewind…maybe I should shed a little more light on the events that I believe led up to this “outburst.” First and foremost, I had worked a semi-full day and had come home to serve my already-prepared dinner. My husband had also worked (a ten hour day) and come home starving and tired. I plated everyone’s meals (except my own) and got busy doing my normal prep work for the next day. For me, that includes pouring cereal into baggies with vitamins for the kids’ quick breakfast, packing my oldest daughter’s lunch into her lunch bag, signing off on her behavior chart in her school binder, logging our reading from the night before and collecting her worksheets to review; also laying the kids’ pajamas out for the night, ensuring clothes are set out for the next day and tidying up any lingering messes (with the help of my family of course). While “multi-tasking” all of these items, I was also intermittently helping to feed my one year-old.

When the kids were finally finished and I’d gotten everything prepped and ready for the night and following day, we sent the kids off to play and that’s when I sat down to eat. No more than two minutes after I sat down, each child came into the kitchen requesting SOMETHING of me…my food, their water bottle, to kiss a “boo boo,” to get dessert or a snack, to go outside, to do ANY FREAKING THING other than LET MOMMY EAT. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (our living room), my husband is laid back on the couch with an empty plate and full stomach, resting and letting his food digest…which he absolutely deserved (no, this isn’t a post to bash my husband because while he’s not perfect, he’s a great husband, father and provider…and to be honest, I learned something from him this day, despite his imperfections…but I’ll get to that in a second). It was at that moment, that I completely fell apart inside. I could no longer take the STRESS (yes, that’s what it was) that was filling my body, mind and spirit. I had to step outside.

Now, in hindsight, maybe I should’ve gotten in my car and taken a drive…because within minutes of stepping out, my husband and oldest daughter had followed behind me. I expressed to them through a tear-stained face that I needed some time alone. My husband asked a few questions then finally gave me my space. My daughter being the empathetic, sweet girl that she is, could not. She stayed with me, laid on my chest, rubbed my face, wiped my tears and told me that she was sorry if she did anything to make me sad. Obviously, this did NOT help my crying situation…lol. But I was able to tell her that she didn’t do anything, but that it was sometimes “hard to be a wife, mommy and business woman” and sometimes “Mommy just gets tired.” Her response was something I never expected…though I don’t know why, considering she has ALWAYS been an old, sweet soul. She said to me “Mommy, I know it’s hard. I see you everyday do so much things for us all. And that’s why I want to help you do stuff, because I don’t want you to do things by yourself.” I nearly collapsed (from a seated position). Who was this small child preaching to me like this? I thanked her, kissed her and told her how very much I appreciated all of her help.

At the time, I was simply overtaken with her thoughtfulness and I didn’t really give the situation very much thought…but a few days later, the light bulb went off. God had literally used my family to speak directly to me. That fact for me is humbling and amazing all at the same time. Essentially, I had hit my maximum peak of stress at that moment and I was overwhelmed at the fact that my children would walk right past my husband to ask me for things that he could easily and obviously do. It was as if, they saw it as my job ALWAYS and their dad’s job SOMETIMES (but mostly when mom is not home). So I had to figure out why they clearly felt that way and what I could do (if anything) to change that perspective.

After thought and prayer, I realized that many of these standards had been set or defined by ME. And since it was my idea, no one bothered to challenge it (much). So, since I established them, I decided that I could also change them. Listening deeply to my daughter made me realize that I NEED and SHOULD HAVE help! Not just from her, but from my other children, my spouse and OTHERS as well. I recognized that as a wife and mother, every time we reject the help of others, we are adding an extra pinch of stress to our lives. Each time we avoid being direct with our children and spouses about our needs/wants, we are wounding ourselves deeply…wounds that we will later blame on others. Every time when lay awake at night stressing about the tasks of the next day or the day after that, we are trimming YEARS off of our lives. Simply put, we are KILLING ourselves. It’s NOT our husbands, partners, parents, children or others…IT IS US. And we HAVE to take responsibility for this. Period.

Simply put, we are KILLING ourselves. It’s NOT our husbands, partners, parents, children or others…IT IS US.

We can not (and I refuse to any longer) sit idly by while we broadcast our disdain for ourselves through constant and consistent neglect. It is our job to take care of ourselves. No one else will ever be able to do it because no one else knows you like YOU do. And the more we expect others to do our jobs, the more disappointed, unfulfilled, unhappy, depressed and broken we will be. This is no way to live ladies. The worry we carry that leads to stress is a choice. So it’s time to choose differently.

How do we do that? The reality is that the answer is multi-faceted. There is no magic pill, no one or two step program. It begins with a series of individual choices to do things (some big and some small) that bring us joy and pleasure, that ease our minds, bodies and souls. For some of us, we may not even know what those things are. In that case, I encourage you to figure it out. If you still have life left in your body, you have an opportunity to breathe, live, learn, love and walk in your purpose. Go back to school for your passion, take a small pay cut to work in your dream field, sleep in on a Saturday (or two), get your monthly spa services faithfully, take up your trustworthy neighbor or family member on their babysitting offer. Paint, draw or color, dance, run or do Yoga. Meditate, pray, binge watch TV. Have a healthy OR unhealthy snack (from time to time) and DON’T SHARE! Learn to be stingy when necessary…with your time and your energy, because if you don’t have enough of YOU for yourself, you can’t share with anyone else anyhow.

Learn to be stingy when necessary…with your time and your energy

We have to face facts here…stress is a part of life, but we MUST have strategies in place to manage it so that it doesn’t cripple us. In the story I told about myself, I initially felt annoyed with my husband for lying back on the couch like he didn’t have a care in the world. But I eventually realized that he’s had this stress thing under control for a while now. He purposely takes time to relax and care for himself via running regularly (even when I think it’s inconvenient), playing the video game for some healthy competition, watching TV, napping on his off days, hanging with his friends once weekly and other things. My list has been FAR shorter and definitely less consistent. And it’s completely my fault, because when I’ve mentioned creating more opportunities to care for myself, he’s given me the thumbs up and encouraged it. However, I find excuses to avoid doing so.

Also, I initially felt some sort of way, breaking down in front of my babies, but in hindsight, I am glad that that happened as well. My oldest is only five, but I think it’s healthy to start this conversation about the stress we as women put on ourselves and others (directly or indirectly) as early as possible. Perhaps by grasping the fact that “mommy is not perfect and can not always do it all,” she will avoid creating an image of perfection for herself that will later cause her stress, pain and depression trying to live up to and emulate. My daughters will grow up in a world much different from the one that I have, but I trust that the tools that I am instilling in them now will still be very applicable as they journey through adulthood, marriage and motherhood, God-willing.

In the end, we all have a choice…the stress of life can be manipulated to strengthen and teach us or we can allow it fully defeat us. What will you do today to seal and solidify your fate?


Dr. Lisa Folden is a Physical Therapist & Owner at Healthy PhiT PT & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte NC.logo

family, traditions, thanksgiving

Growing up I didn’t have much in the way of family traditions but now that I’m a mother , I find it important to implement traditions in my own families lives; setting in place our own “Morgan Family” heritage that my children can pass along to their children and families.

Traditions represent a sense of  togetherness, just like holiday’s brings families together so here are just a few traditions that you can ritualized in your own family and I would also love to hear about ones that you currently have or had as a child! Please comment below:

Trim the Tree:  I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving Day as the official kickoff to the Holiday season making it a perfect time to trim the tree with your love ones.  If the fresh smell of pine soothes your fancy why not make it a family tradition to take a trip to the mountains to cut down your Christmas tree!  The Watauga County Christmas Tree Association  has a awesome list of mountain family fun many that includes extra activities such as Hay Rides and Horseback riding and yummy treats such as Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate!  Christmas Corner has gotten rave reviews as well and if Thanksgiving Dinner has worn off by the time you cut your fir, check out The Italian Restaurant in Pineloa down the road (yup that’s the actual name 🙂

Attend the Thanksgiving Parade: Parades are a nice and free  way to add to your annual Thanksgiving traditions. One major perk of attending parades is  99% of the time they start early so the football fans don’t miss kickoff! If you’re in the Charlotte area, the Thanksgiving Day Parade starts at 9:30am so you’ll have plenty of time to get home, warm up, chow down and watch the Carolina Panthers whoop on the Cowgirls!

Create a family cookbook– Chances are grandma has her sweet potato pie committed to memory and can recite the ingredients in her sleep.  She doesn’t need measurements since she knows its just a pinch of this and a dash of that and wala; out pops a perfectly made pie.

The term “Soulfood” originates all the way back to 1492 giving us approximately 522 years, 10 months and 25 days of making our own variations to sweet potato pies, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and yams.  Let’s face it, Aunt Brenda’s mac and cheese taste nothing like Cousin Flo’s!  So why not take your own family recipes, which in a sense are pieces of your own heritage and make them into a cookbook.   Have each family member who brings a dish write down the recipe in the family cookbook. Yes, I hear your hesitation; Aunt Brenda would never give away her “secret” recipe to her mac and cheese; never!  The perk, Aunt Brenda will  have her recipe published and it’s now “Aunt Brenda’s Famous Macaroni and Cheese” that now holds a special place in the “Morgan Family” recipe book that can  be passed along throughout the family for generations to come! Hey, Aunt Brenda’s Famous Macaroni and Cheese” just might get Cousin Flo a husband; we all know food is a way to a mans heart 🙂

Schedule a Family Photo Session-  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, CAPTURE YOUR MEMORIES! Not just for snapchat, facebook and instagram, but for longevity.  As you go to grandma’s house this holiday season, i’m sure you’re walking into a museum of history; little moments in time that adorns her wall. Your kindergarten pictures, mom’s prom pictures, the family photo’s that were taken back when Afro’s were in style the first time and grey backdrops were the only backdrops.  We get giddy embarrassed thumbing through photo alums filled with Polaroids of our families history but would we do without them!

Since many of us are surrounded by love ones near and far on Thanksgiving, it makes for the perfect time to take a family photo.  Either pull out your DSLR and set it  up on a tripod or hire a professional photographer  to beautifully capture your memories.  Lets not lose our-self to the instant gratification of instagram.  Let’s continue our families legacy with tangible wall art and albums that our kids and our kids kids can enjoy looking at for years to come!

Give a dinner to the less fortunate–  A perfect tradition that can even be established ThanksGIVING eve is to prepare a meal for someone less fortunate. Even if it’s making plates to handout to the homeless on ThanksGIVING day or  being a blessing to your neighbor who can use a helping hand, let’s not forget the Giving in ThanskGIVING.

Unplug!-  We love to fill our Facebook &  Instagram with images of our collard greens and cousins we  haven’t seen in years. We love to read and re-post all of the #thanksgivingwithblackfamilies meme’s. We love to post selfies of ourselves at Walmart Thanksgiving day five mins after we put our forks down,  waiting in line with our $49.99 60 inch flat screens.

Well what if we didn’t. What if we started a tradition of turning off the  phones and being present with our friends and family we love, dislike . What if we talked; what if we laughed, what if we played games, what if we relished in the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised and live in the moment with our loved ones.  What if we trimmed the tree, attended a parade, made Aunt Brenda’s Macaroni and Cheese famous, captured our family memories and gave to the less fortunate all while remaining unplugged.  Just imagine all the extra moments you would have saved and new traditions you could have made on this day if you chose to be  present with the ones you love.

From my Pinstripe Stroller Family to yours, I wish you all a fun filled Thanksgiving with your Family and look forward to hearing on FRIDAY all about the new or old traditions you established!

K06-Mercy_sm webI have a confession. I would make a horrible teacher.  Horrible terrible no good teacher. This admission makes me a little sad since when I was younger and played “school” with my friends, I was always the teacher and I was GOOD at it! Patient, caring, loving and very doting of my fellow friends students.

Well now that I’m a mother and my kids are now my “students”, I admittedly suck.  I can be impatient and I get frustrated (only sometimes…don’t judge me please).

Last school year my 1st grader continually got low marks in Reading Comprehension and the teacher would send home homework to assist that even I didn’t quite understand.  I forced  encouraged her to read, even took her to the bookstore to pick out books that she’s interested in an effort to increase her love of reading which served the purpose of increasing the EXCITEMENT.  BUT although she was able to read the words, she just wasn’t where I wanted her to be in COMPREHENDING what she read, which in turn frustrated me which got us absolutely nowhere.

Luckily for me …and you who are in same boat, I know a great teacher who after hearing how awful my own methods were , came up with the following list of tips to help build reading comprehension skills.  Let me tell you firsthand how AMAZING these tips have been!

My daughter and I are about a quarter of a way through The Isle of the Lost: The Descendants and I’ve been implementing these tips as we read. And you know what? I’m NOT frustrated! My daughter has been able to tell me WHAT the book has been about and she gets to show her creativity in her purple Evie inspired journal 🙂

Hopefully these tips below will help you has well!  Please share with your friends and family and let us know how they’ve worked for you!

Before reading:
Create a book journal and decorate
Choose a variety of book genres on your child’s reading level and interests. *(Get help from school librarians if needed)
Predict what the book is going to be about.
Ask why s/he thinks that and read to find out.

While Reading:(think to self)
Write down unknown vocabulary to look up in dictionary. * (builds vocabulary skills needed to decode)
Stop at end of each page or chapter to check for understanding.

After Reading:
Write a brief summary in a reading journal answering the 5W’s plus what was your favorite part of the story and Explain why in 2-3 sentences. *Add an illustration of favorite part.

Have a book discussion, talk about what is being read (in a non- teaching tone/keep it casual and non confrontational)
Ask what she would do, think or say in situations from book.
Turn off the TV during weekdays Let your child see you read books, magazines any print material.

Additional thoughts:
I like devices like the next person but  kids seem to associate devices with entertainment. Reading should be fun and relaxing but when trying to model and establish positive reading habits kids should have lots of hands on time with actual books.

Meet Nicole Antunes of Creative Kiddy Cottage! Nicole has been a valued member of Pinstripe Strollers for a couple of years now and was also directed the art activities at our 2014 Christmas Party.

Nicole has recently gone from an awesomely creative art teacher to the Owner/Director of Creative Kiddy Cottage Child Care center and Art Studio! Creative Kiddy Cottage is an art integrated child care facility that will also be available for birthday parties as well as art parties for us mommies!

Want to learn more about how you can enroll your child at Creative Kiddy Cottage? Check her out on the web and be sure to like her Facebook page!

Congrats Nicole on your new and exciting ventures! The Charlotte and surrounding area will be very blessed to have such a new and innovative facility to take our children!

Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


If you’re like me, a mother, wife and employee then you at some point, if not daily share my sentiments of exhaustion, burn out, and/or fatigue. You look at the stove like it’s your arch enemy. The question “what’s for dinner?” sends you into a homicidal rage. The guy sitting in the cube next to you who thinks the workplace is the only place to clip his nails has finally sent you over the edge.

I have the answer to the stress, burnout and ultimate feeling of exhaustion. (Yes, daily devotions, wine and your supportive husbands are all wonderful things). But the ultimate solution is a Girls Trip. You know…the trip that you and your friends/sisters talk about doing but never put into action??

This past weekend me and 5 other friends left the annoying nail clippers, stove and diapers behind and ventured to Raleigh and Wilmington for a much needed getaway filled with gut wrenching laughter, lots of wine and fancy signature drinks and awesome restaurants where someone cooked for US! We even put on heels (ok I lied…I wore flats…I’m no longer about the high heel life) and went out to clubs and danced! We tanned at Wrightsville Beach and played in the gorgeous blue waves.

Girl’s trips are truly food for the soul, a recharging of the battery, and an awakening of the spirt. I mean sitting around with great friends in comfy pj’s and not talking about kids, bills, or husbands or boyfriends (ok sometime venting about your spouse IS necessary) or the dinner menu or the soccer schedule or school supplies was so….PEACEFUL.

But something even bigger happened this weekend. Sunday evening I returned to reality; recharged, renewed, awakened. I came back looking forward to seeing my family; eager to prepare dinner. Although I came home to a messy kitchen, I didn’t mind cleaning it!
Girls Trips are a requirement for us mothers. It can be something as simple as a trip to a local beach or as grand as a Caribbean vacation but a pause to your daily life is NEEDED. Time away from the kids, work and awesome husbands is NEEDED. Time with your sister friends is NEEDED. It doesn’t make us less of a mother, or wife or woman. It doesn’t negate our responsibilities to our families. In fact it does the opposite. It humanize’ s us. It allows us to let our hair down, be silly without structure and limitations, laugh until we cry. Vent to our sister fiends and then laugh and cry some more.

But it also tears away the dark clouds that we all feel at some point in our day to day lives. It breaks up the monotony. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my family vacations to Disney and trips to the mountains and local zoo with the kids. I love date nights with my husband. And there is a place for those special moments. We must allow ourselves the reclusion of 2 to 3 weekends out of the 52 weeks in a year to spend with our girlfriends and sister friends for laughter and silliness and the peace that comes with being free of diapers, the stove and duties.

This past weekend marked our 3rd Girls Trip; all just very short but much needed getaways! I listed just a few of the places and activities below that we visited and would love to hear YOUR ideas!
Also, be on the lookout for a Pinstripe Strollers Mom’s retreat coming in 2016!!!!


Raleigh/Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington

If you’re looking for a nice bar with great hip hop music ( I mean that old school gooooood hip hop), Clock Work was pretty cool! Especially if you’re lucky enough to sit next to the open window!

Noir was my favorite club/bar of the weekend! You know how you go out and they play a song that you don’t really care for in its ENTIRETY so your night is filled with getting up when your song comes on then sitting down for 5 minutes until the crappy song is over then getting up again 2 songs later when they play your jam?? (you get the pattern here). Well at Noir on Friday’s, be sure you wear your flats because the DJ was the TRUTH! He played everything from Frankie Beverley to Biggie and there was no sitting b/c everrrrything he played was the jam!

Dining in Wilmington was pretty cool too. We absolutely loved the vibe of eating on the waterfront and highly recommend The George  for dinner and Elijah’s  for brunch. If you love mussels then Caprise Bistro  has hands down the best mussels I’ve ever had in life!

Since it was 90 degrees (although it felt like 150), you can’t go wrong with a stop at Kilwins  Just be prepared for a long lines! The wait was most certainly worth it!

Marriot Courtyard was our home Saturday night and was perfect since it was the ½ way point between downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach

Charlotte NC
On this particular Girls Weekend, friends from Massachusetts came to Charlotte and although I live here, it still made for an awesome time since I got to do things even I never did before after 8 years of living here!

We visited Painting With a Twist and  brought our own mimosas, had an AWESOME instructor and walk out with a piece of art that we have on our walls to this day as a reminder of our friendship.

Admittedly I’m not a shopper…and I was glad ½ of the crew wasn’t in the shopping mood or else we wouldn’t have stumbled across this little gem Paco’s Tacos and Tequila . Not only was the food fantastic but they offered flights of tequila that was guaranteed to be hangover free ☺

Washington DC
I’ll just say DC is one of my favorite places in the US and made for my very favorite girls trip yet!

I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I haven’t thought about Bus Boy’s and Poets (and it’s been over 500 day ☺) This place had some of the BEST food I ever had with a chill vibe perfect for a night with your girlfriends!

Howard Theater was also very cool! We got to see live neosoul concert that was simply amazing!

One of my favorite parts of the trip and something I suggest ALL Sisters Friends do is to have a photo-shoot done! We had the absolute pleasure of having Tosha from The Captured Life Photography  do a photoshoot of us in DC. If you’re in the DC area please check out this talented artist to book your session!


Looking for a photographer in the Raleigh area to capture your sister girl shoot!? Check out my friend and Girls Trip travel Buddy Marie Cox at Phreckles Photography and in if you’re in the Charlotte area, check out Mary Morgan Photography!

Today we hosted our first Annual Mother Daughter brunch entitled Princess and Pearls at Brio in South Park.   We had an amazing turnout; in fact it was a sold out event! What a wonderful experience getting our little girls dressed and dinning with them at this awesome restaurant!

Not only did we enjoy a special menu prepared especially for Pinstripe Strollers, we surprised the princesses with a box of pearls to make their very own pearl bracelets. And what better way to end our brunch than from a visit from a real live princess!

I’m already in the beginning stages planning our 2nd Annual Mother Daughter Brunch along with a Mother Son Date night so be on the lookout for that in the future!



Welcome to the official launch day here at Pinstripe Strollers!  We are so very excited to publish www.pinstrollers.com which as been a work in progress for many many months! What is Pinstripe Strollers you ask? Well let’s start at the beginning! Pinstripe Strollers was born shortly after I had my 2nd child almost 5 years ago when I realized that I was in a new city with 2 children, a husband and a career BUT no friends with kids. In addition to this, I realized that Charlotte virtually had zero activities that accommodated the “traditional” working mom hours!  I was already apart of a few groups on www.meetup.com so it was in that  moment I took a great leap of faith and started my own group which quickly grew to over 100 members!

In the short time Pinstripe Strollers was on Meetup.com, we not only had events such as book clubs, Zoo outings, several MNI and MNO’s, Holiday parties and  other fun events but the group was able to foster friendships between moms and the kids!

Pinstripe Strollers then moved to a private Facebook group where we were able to do the same activities but it also allowed us to have a open dialogue about all things MOM! Well here we are today, taking it a step further with the launch of www.pinstripestrollers.com!  A resource for mothers all over where we will feature quick recipes for the  busy working mom, reviews on local kid friendly events and establishments, educational resources for the kids, free printable’s and downloads, and reflective post such as establishing work/life/home balance!

So grab a latte, glass of vino or sweet tea and take a look around! We welcome ideas,  feedback and comments! You can contact us directly at hello@pinstripestrollers.com