Today, Pinstripe Strollers ventured out to the mountains in Flat Rock NC for some apple picking at Skytop Orchard.  This is a AMAZING place for families to visit and a nice way to transition from the heat of the summer, laying pool side and enjoying cool beverages to the cool breeze of fall,  gorgeous mountain views, foliage and fresh-made apple cider donuts.

Oh the donuts, a round  warm deliciousness of a gazillion calories that are very much worth the wait!  Yes, be prepared to wait in line for upwards of a hour!  I went to Skytop for the first time last year with my husband and kids and my husband refused to wait in line!   Well this year it was nice going with other Pinstripe Stroller mothers especially b/c WE (us mothers) know it is perfectly logical to wait in line for fresh made donuts!  As a matter of fact we immediately went into divide and conquer mode, designating one mom to line duty while the rest of us kept the kids occupied at the park!

And I digressed…..Skytop is of course known for their home made donuts and apple cider (you MUST try the apple cider slushies) but more importantly, the apple picking is fantastic!  They do a amazing job of keeping you abreast of the picking schedule and it will be in your best interest to pay attention to it if you are looking for a particular type or easy picking.  For example, during my first dounutless trip, we were able to start picking apples right as we entered the orchard; the variety and availability was plentiful.  On today’s trip (which was exactly the same time of year as last) we had to do a little more hiking, (ok a  LOT more) hiking to find apples but once we did we were able to load up! And it was a fun adventure for the kids to have  to climb trees and   hunt them down.

Skytop also has a playground, hay rides and a picnic area  which is perfect if you want to pack a lunch! A special shout out to   Hubba Hubba’s Smokehouse for allowing us to place our food order as they were closing!  BEWARE; everything shuts down early in this area!  The folks at Hubba Hubba were very nice and the barbecue was amazing!

I think I can speak for everyone that attended that this place is worth visiting at least once a year and will most certainly be a annual Pinstripe Stroller outing!

apple picking