About Us


  I’ll start with disclaimer; I’m not a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, or teacher I am mother; who works outside the home. I am a wife. Presumably, being a wife and a mother I    guess does make me a doctor (I had to remove a huge splinter from my daughters foot just last week) and a teacher (teaching my youngest to use the potty and my oldest  common core math is no small feat). I think it’s safe to assume I’m part psychologist too as “tricking my husband into cleaning and cooking is most certainly a psychological  game of cat and mouse. A lawyer? Perhaps in some respect. There was that one time at Disney my middle child “borrowed” the big shiny sparkly wand from the overpriced  the store in the park and I had to make her return it and explain the consequences of stealing borrowing .

 But first I’m a mother. And Pinstripe Strollers was born shortly after I had my middle daughter almost 4 years ago. Motherhood in a new city with single childless friends was  a reality check for me and the gut punch was being a WORKING mother in a new city with childless single friends. Playdates were virtually nonexistent since they took place  during the week during “working hours” so the ability to meet and interact with other mothers and have my little ones makes new friends (aka have a glass of vino while  the  kids play in the sandbox) was not an easy task. Until Pinstripe Stroller’s was born!

Since the inception, I’ve met many new friends through birthday parties, playdates, girls night in, girls night outs, book clubs, zoo outings, tea parties, Christmas parties; its been an amazing journey watching friendships develops and watching our children grow up together. Pinstripe Strollers.com is the just the icing on the cake! A way of extending and adding to resources, sharing ideas, discussing the issues, trials that we go through as mothers, wives, working moms!
To the women who have brought Pinstripe Strollers to where we are now; THANK YOU! To those new to the group; WELCOME!

Mary Morgan
CEO and Founder of Pinstripe Strollers